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Skinny Detox 14 Days Treatment Skinny Detox 14 Days Treatment

    Skinny Detox 14 Days Treatment

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    • Description

      A set of both the Good Morning and Good Night teas, designed to be drank as part of a 14-day Teatox treatment. Packaged with a nutritional and fitness Detox Guide included, these two teas have been created to make you feel your most invigorated and healthy best, both morning and night. Developed together with nutritionalists, alternative practitioners and tea experts, this set is blended to support natural purging and weight loss. The Good Morning blend is a mild, energising tea containing organic Sencha green tea and Goji berries, perfect for easing into the day. The Good Night tea is free from any caffeine and helps calm and relax, thanks to peppermint and rooibus. Both work together as part of a healthy, nutritional lifestyle or detoxification.

    • Brand

      ​Teatox represent a collection of high quality, organic teas each designed with specific effects in mind. The brand believe in the health benefits of natural ingredients - particularly those which feature in their teas and are combined to help look after the body, mind and soul. The teas are developed together with experts and are 100% natural, as well as having been awarded the European organic seal. Each blend is created to target a specific area or weakness - whether this is aiding weight loss or helping to achieve clearer looking skin, Teatox have designed a tea to do the job!

    • Directions

      ​Allow approximately 1 teaspoon of tea per 250ml of water and brew in a mug or pot for between 5-7 minutes, in water heated at around 100 degrees.

    • Ingredients

      Good Morning Tea: Lemongrass, dandelion, green mate leaves, goji berries, green Sencha tea, ginger root, birch leaves, nettle leaves, goldenrod, horsetail
      Good Night Tea: Rooibos, lemon balm leaves, peppermint leaves, green oat herb, hibiscus blossom, elderflower, lime blossom, yarrow, cornflower blossom

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