Panty Liners - 24 Pack Panty Liners - 24 Pack Panty Liners - 24 Packzoom +
  • Panty Liners - 24 Pack
  • Panty Liners - 24 Pack
  • Panty Liners - 24 Pack
Panty Liners - 24 Pack Panty Liners - 24 Pack Panty Liners - 24 Pack

Panty Liners - 24 Pack


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  • Description

    Individually wrapped for on the go, Yoni’s Panty Liners are made from organic cotton with a biodegradable plastic backing, making them more breathable than regular plastic panty liners. Yoni panty liners are just like any other panty liner, only difference is that they’re made from organic cotton; No plastic. No perfume. No added anything. Choosing a hypo-allergenic liner, reduces your risk of irritation from chemically treated cotton.

    Contains Certified Organic Ingredients / Soil Association / Gluten Free / Bio-Degradable

  • Brand

    Founded in 2014 by friends Mariah and Wendelien, Yoni was created after the pair did in-depth research into sanitary products and found that not only were many tampons and pads made from synthetic material, but that there are also no specific rules or legal requirements when it comes to listing ingredients on feminine care packaging. Enter Yoni, a brand breaking the taboo around feminine hygiene and talking about periods properly. All Yoni products are made from 100% certified organic cotton that is processed in an eco-friendly and they are bio-degradable, so not only are Yoni products better for the environment, but most important they are better for you.

  • Directions

    ​Use in the same way you would any other panty liner. Unsure of what size product you should be using? Compare the number of droplets of the panty liners you use now and choose a Yoni product with the same amount of droplets.

  • Ingredients

    73% Certified organic cotton and 27% biodegradable biopolymer derived from cornstarch. Made without rayon, polyester, perfume, deodorants, artificial dyes, phthalates, pesticide-treated cotton, chlorine or chlorine dioxide processing, SAP, ethanolamine, diethylhexyl adipate, acetone, chloroethane, chloroform, chloromethane, or acetophenone.

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